Food.. We meet again

The last few days I’ve been feeling really sick after I eat. I haven’t looked and figured out what specifically I’ve been eating that’s been doing it so I’m going to try a few switches.

 Today I didn’t eat breakfast (always a bad idea but yet I rarely eat it unless I’m going to work) and I cooked lunch. I haven’t had dinner as of yet. I’m at my babysitting job as I’m typing this and will make dinner for the kids later. 

I decided to try the apple cinnamon detox water that I pinned ages ago. So far, so good. I used Fiji apples for my first batch and put it all in a large mason jar so I can carry it with me easier. It’s supposed to help boost your metabolism and help you lose weight but for me it’s a form of good for you flavored water. I’ve been working on cutting down on sodas and flavored waters. Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve tried cutting out soda many times and it only works for a little while then I start right back up again. I’ve learned to not beat myself up over it. If I slip up and have a soda or two in a day, I drink the equivalent in water during that same day. It’s so easy to get tired of plain water though so I’m hoping adding flavor with fruits will be helpful. I’m also going to try it with other fruits and such later. I Just spent the last of my money for the week on the groceries I bought today. I get paid in two days so I’m all set anyways.

I’m really hoping treating my body better with food an exercise will be beneficial since I’m no longer on a mood stabilizer. That’s why instead of making a grilled cheese for lunch, I decided to cook for once. Now, I usually don’t cook because it doesn’t turn out well so I stick to baking but I found a super simple food to make on Pintrest (Surprise, right?). Zucchini chips were my lunch before biking to babysitting. I tweaked the recipe to add garlic salt into the breading. I wanted to use actual garlic or garlic powder but we had neither and I wasn’t walking back to the store again. Usually it would be laziness but today it was time constraint. They were delicious! I had one of my roommates try them and she really liked them too. They didn’t bake as long as the recipe says but again, I was running low on time.

I made chocolate frozen yogurt for dessert and added some vanilla protein powder to it as well. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet since it wasn’t in the freezer long enough before I left. I’m hoping it will be good but I’ll probably have to tweak it as I keep trying. I also got strawberry Greek yogurt to try it with later. I’ll update you guys in that when I get to it.

 I’m so glad I live close to work. I walk everyday to my primary job at a local grocery store. Sometimes I bike, like when I was running late to work two days ago. Walking takes about 5-7 minutes one way and biking takes 2-3 minutes one way. No matter what that’s better than the 20-30 minute drive I used to had before. It also takes me 30 minutes to bike to my babysitting job or an hour to walk. I want to bike more but it hurts my knees a fair amount. My knee caps are out of place because the outer half of my quads is stronger than the inner pulling my kneecap out of place. Of course the muscles needed are the weaker ones. That’s why I try to bike more though. Force myself up the hills and keep encouraging myself as I go. Routinely forgetting my iPod isn’t very helpful though. I brought it with me tonight but I forgot to use it on my way here. Now to just remember it on the way back.

I’ve learned doing little steps is the way I have to do things and that’s how I’m trying. One of my roommates is a Food Science and Nutrition major whose working on eating better. She’s already an exercise nut which I’m not but we meet in the middle on being broke college kids wanting to eat better and be healthy.

I’m pretty sure my final meal tonight wont be super healthy but I’m OK with that. I don’t have to be healthy every single meal, all the time. Plus, it’s hard to please a 5 and 6 year old with super healthy foods.

Now to see if I can get my boyfriend on board… That might be the tricky  part. It’ll be tricky for just me though and I understand that kind of work schedule he has makes it hard to cook all the time and eat healthy.

I’m hoping to be able to post regularly. Having to do updates on things should help with that.


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